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In order to know more about telemedicine and its applications, we visited the Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama hospital (RMS) , Vrindavan which inaugurated 11 Telemedicine Units[TMU]  and 2 Mobile Medical Units [MMU] with the name ‘Vivekananda Medical Service’. Out of the 11 Telemedicine Units, 9 were placed in nine different blocks of Mathura District and 2 are placed in the Vrindavan Hospital. This initiative was born out of the partnership between TATA TRUST MUMBAI and RMS hospital in the Mathura district, wherein the TATA TRUST provides all the funds necessary to run this project. After understanding the functioning, objectives and operations carried out in the hospital, we visited one of the telemedicine units situated in Karba(one of the blocks in the district) to look into the working and identify the problems. Conversation with the head of management, Mr. Nagesh Chaura  was very informative and gave us an insight into this whole project. Talking to the patients, coordinators and doctors gave us a wholesome idea of the project.

In order to understand more , we visited Fatehpur Sikri, Agra and took a look at the telemedicine unit functioning there as well.





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Research in Fatehpur Sikri

To extend our research and get a deeper understanding of the application of telemedicine, we visited the telemedicine units in Fatehpur Sikri. Here, dental checkups for school children are carried out through telemedicine facilities. We were introduced to this system by the sevika and Dr Prem Chand. After getting an Insight, we suggested some improvements and shared out pre-existing knowledge of telemedicine gathered from Mathura so that they can benefit. 
These are few of the posters made by us which include topics of discussion of school meetings and something that everyone should know.


posters after research