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TELE-UPCHAAR's Initiative to help

With the onset of the second wave, things got harder. The health infrastructure  seemed to be in complete shambles which led to the patients searching frantically for
drugs and oxygen facilities. To combat misinformation and panic amongst the population, we took it on ourselves to continuously verify leads on medicine, oxygen and hospital beds availability pan –India. We updated our social media accounts with the latest information every now and then and also reverted personally to any queries we got for related services. Not only this, we arranged for free medication and medical advice in the form of tele-consultations for the people who were infected with the disease. We prepared an actively researched database that has lists of all possible suppliers for all possible resources needed to fight this. From plasma donors to remedsivir to fabiflu, we created an extremely wide network and shared it with the ones in need.  We are glad to have saved so many lives during these testing times and will continue to fight the battle of the ‘invisible enemy’ till it becomes a story of the past.

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